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PK-01 camera, Seiko lens ?15-25mm, CCD resolution ≥ 420TVL, lowest illumination of the camera is 0.12LUX, image gray level 256;

Hardware configuration: 19-inch LCD monitor, desktop host

Electronic infrared probe, the spectral wavelength is 0.8μm ~ 1.5μm, the minimum illumination is 0.1Lux, probe light is 9 grades brightness adjustable, the maximum output is no less than 0.2W and no more than 1W, beam diameter ≥ 8 mm, continuous working time ≥ 24 hour;

Safety: in line with GB9706.1-2007 medical electrical standards, video signal output: 1Vp-p impedance 75Ω;

Main function: Image with the processing function: eight sets of color display; frozen, negative image, storage, etc. it also equipped with the function of reproduction, roaming plus color, positive and negative image conversion; it can observe both breast simultaneously to make comparison. The image is clear and soft.

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